• Leak In Your Swimming Pool's Liner? Learn How To Find And Fix It

    If you are often refilling your pool with water because the water level keeps dropping, chances are there could be a small hole hiding in the liner. Finding and fixing these holes is a task that you can do all by yourself if you follow these simple steps. Tools & Materials Before you can get started, you will need the following tools and materials. Vinyl patching material Food coloring Water bottle Tape measure Waterproof tape Bucket Determining If There Is A Leak [Read More]

  • Pool Savvy: Maintain Your Pool & Signs That It Needs To Be Serviced

    Your pool is an amazing addition to your home, especially during the summer. But are you doing everything you can to maintain it? The following guide will help you maintain your pool and also show you a few signs to watch out for: Maintaining Your Pool Consider the following to keep your pool in tip-top condition: Install an automatic chlorine feeder for your pool. You can have your pool service specialist install this machine for you. [Read More]

  • 2 Excellent Reasons That First Time Spa Owners Should Purchase A Spa From A Spa Warehouse

    When you are trying to determine where you should purchase your very first spa from, you should definitely consider going to a spa warehouse to get one. They have a great variety of spas for you to look at and choose from, and you shouldn't have any problem finding one that you love. This article will discuss 2 excellent reasons to purchase your spa from a spa warehouse.  You Can View Several Spas That Are Already Set Up [Read More]

  • Stop The Leaks In Your Pool's Pump Hose

    Now that spring is here, many homeowners are beginning to take the steps to open their pools up for the season. One thing that many pool owners find after the winter is that their pump hoses have sprung leaks. If the pump hoses are damaged, the pool will not effectively be cleaned and you will quickly lose a lot of the water from inside the pool. You can repair those pool pump hoses in many cases, and here's how. [Read More]