Two Kinds Of Vinyl Liners For Pools And Their Benefits And Drawbacks

Posted on: 29 March 2019

Pools have multiple options in terms of what makes up their walls and floors. Of those options, the cheapest are vinyl liners. There are two types of vinyl liners, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.

Soft Vinyl Liners

Soft vinyl liners are essentially plastic sheeting. They are gentler on the bare skin than hard liners, and they do not cause scrapes or injuries. They cost less than hard liners, too. When a pool is empty, soft liners can either be pulled out, thrown away, and replaced, or they can be hosed down really well and disinfected before being allowed to air-dry. 

The drawback to soft liners is that they can wear down faster and tear. If they tear, you could get water trapped between the liner and the wall of the pool, which causes a misshapen pool wall and/or a buildup of bacteria that makes for a very unhealthy pool environment. Depending on how much you and your family use the pool and tears occur, you may not be saving as much money as you thought with soft liners. 

Hard Vinyl Liners

Hard vinyl liners are akin to the hard plastic siding you have on your house. These liners are a single piece of hard vinyl that drop into your pool and are lightly cemented into place around the lip of the liner. Hard liners often last a lot longer than soft liners because hard liners do not tear. When you empty your pool, the hard liners allow you to power wash the interior with no damage to the liner whatsoever. 

The drawbacks to hard liners include higher cost, as well as greater difficulty to maintain. If a hard liner forms a crack (which is entirely possible after some time), the entire liner has to be removed and replaced. You can get scrapes and minor injuries if you are not careful in the pool. 

Follow Your Pool Contractor's Recommendations

You can follow your pool contractor's recommendations for your own pool. Usually, the pool contractor knows which liners work best in which kinds, sizes, and shapes of pools. If you have your pool contractor install an in-ground pool using a pool kit, some of the pool kits already come with their own liners, which is rather convenient. If you try one type of vinyl liner and decide that you do not like it, you can always try the other, but if you think you are going to switch types, start with the soft liners first because it is easier to transition from a soft liner to a hard liner.