Four Problems You, as a New Pool Owner, Should Understand

Posted on: 18 August 2016

Maintaining a swimming pool is no easy feat when you're not familiar with all of the details. A swimming pool needs to have frequent testing, care, and maintenance to ensure that the water is clean and safe. Understanding some of the warning signs of trouble will help you to identify problems and deal with them before they become severe issues.

You can't see the pool bottom. If the pool water is murky and cloudy, the problem is probably caused by incorrect pH levels. The pH of the water can be altered by recent rainfall as well as many other things. Your pool-care test kit should have pH test strips that you can use to check the water. If the test shows that the water is too alkaline, the pH may be the problem. Treat the water with sodium bisulphate until you restore the pH to its recommended level.

There's debris building up in the pool. If your pool water is full of debris, this is a likely sign that you've got problems with the pool filter. If the filter is clogged, it won't clear out particles in the water the way that it should. Rinse the pool filter out weekly and flush the pump and filter system regularly to avoid this.

The water is foaming. If you approach the pool and notice foam accumulation on the surface of the water, this may be the result of an algaecide treatment. If you've treated the pool with an algaecide, your water may be suffering with after effects. Invest in an anti-foaming treatment from your pool-repair technician, then ask about a quality algaecide that won't foam.

Your water appears brownish or teal in color. Brown or teal coloring in the water is usually the result of heavy mineral saturation. You can have the water tested by a specialist to evaluate the actual mineral concentrations. High levels of iron often cause brownish or rust-like colors in the water while copper can actually produce a teal hue. Once you have the mineral-testing results, you can talk with your local pool-repair shop about how to treat the water to restore its balance.

As a new pool owner, you'll want to understand these common issues. If you are concerned about keeping up with pool maintenance and water testing, talk with a local pool-maintenance and repair contractor such as All-American Pools about having them handle the work for you. They can establish a maintenance contract to help you with routine upkeep.