How To Find The Cause Of A Swimming Pool Leak

Posted on: 22 February 2016

If you have noticed that whenever you go out to use your pool or clean it, the water level seems to be gradually sinking, it might be due to a leak. Water evaporation is normal, so having the water go down slowly isn't unusual. However, some leaks are more obvious and cause the water to decrease drastically in a short period of time. Here are some ways to locate the swimming pool leak.

Check the Level of Water Loss

Before you look for the source of the leak, you should first determine if you actually have a leak. This is important because some water loss is normal. It is sometimes difficult to know when it is a level that is too rapid for regular evaporation of water or splashing from swimming. You can use a bucket of water to check how quickly the water is leaking out of the pool. Fill a bucket with water, mark the level where the water is being filled up to, then place it right next to the swimming pool. Now mark the level inside the pool where the current water level is. Wait a day or two, then go out to check the water levels. If the bucket of water has not lost as much water in that amount of time as the pool, your pool probably has a leak.

Use a Dye Tester

An easy way to find the source of a swimming pool leak is to use a dye tester. This is done when you think the leak is from inside the pool and are having difficulty finding it, such as having fittings that are loose or a crack in the bottom of the pool. The color of the dye will immediately be drawn toward areas with cracks and holes, and places where they might be a leak. You will first drop the dye into the water, working in small sections. Watch how the dye disperses and if the color goes toward a specific area. You might find cracks in the pool shell or close to certain tiles.

Inspect the Exterior Pool Surface

If you are not able to find the source of the leak on the inside the pool with the dye test, it might be with the exterior mechanisms. A good way to find where the leak is coming from is to find moisture near fittings. For example, you might see some water or moisture near the swimming pool pump or the heater. There could also be a leak coming from the pool's filter. Also check mechanisms like the seals, valves, and waste line. Contact a company, such as Contemporary Pools Inc, for more information.