Shotcrete Use In Building A Swimming Pool

Posted on: 17 August 2015

 When you buy an above ground pool, or an insert for an in-ground pool, you are getting a manufactured design, so your pool might not be as custom as you want it to be. If you want a truly custom pool, then consider using shotcrete. Choosing an in-ground pool style made from shotcrete offers you various advantages over other materials:

What Is Shotcrete?

Most concrete is mixed off site and then brought to you in a truck. Before this concrete can be used, workers have to build forms to hold the concrete. In contrast, shotcrete comes as a dry mixture, which is mixed with water at an application nozzle. This concrete is then sprayed onto the surface to be coated with shotcrete.

What Are the Advantages of Shotcrete?

When you use normal concrete, a high volume of water has to be mixed with the concrete to keep it malleable until you have a chance to get it into the forms. Once in place, this water evaporates, and your concrete loses volume. This can lead to cracking if contractors do not plan joints at specific distances. Shotcrete, in contrast, has a lower volume of water, so when it dries, there is not as much loss of volume, so cracking is less of a concern. A pool with fewer joints is easier to maintain than a pool with a multiplicity of joints. 

Further Advantages

There is a limit to the types of forms you can build; thus, when you use pour-in-place concrete, your pool designs are limited to what the contractor can build. On the other hand, when you use shotcrete, there is no need to use forms. You can shoot the concrete mixture onto a horizontal or vertical surface; you can even shoot it onto a ceiling. To provide rigidity, rebar frames are created, and then the shotcrete is applied. No matter what you ask for—undulating walls, pirate ships, a grotto, pillars, a climbing wall, etc.—contractors should be able to make it with shotcrete. 

A fiberglass insert can look tacky, and a manufactured pool that looks like every pool in your neighborhood may not capture your personality. When you set out to make a family pool, you should consider using shotcrete to create more than a pool. You can create an entertainment center with rope swings, slides, climbing walls, grottoes, and anything else that your family would enjoy.

If you have more questions, try contacting professional pool builders to learn more.