How To Make Your Pool Safer

Posted on: 30 June 2015

Running a commercial pool comes with many responsibilities and choices. There are several things that you can do to make your pool operations smoother and safer. 

Automate Your Pool Systems

Having the wrong mix of chemicals in your pool can obviously be problematic. The amount of chemicals needed varies throughout the day, depending on the amount of patrons and the amount of rain falling into the pool, among other factors. 

Human error can be a problem when you are mixing chemicals for the pool, so consider getting a pool automation system. These systems monitor the pH and other factors, and then they automatically add more chemicals to the pool. In this way, you can get a good control over chemical levels, even as the number of patrons shifts throughout the day. 

Get the Right Equipment

The type of safety equipment that you're required to have will vary based on your state and the type of commercial pool. However, there are a few items that every pool should have in order to keep guests safe. For instance, drain and filter covers can prevent patrons from getting injured. Track lighting around the pool can help guests see the edge of the pool, so that they don't fall in by accident. A good alarm system is another important factor; in order to prevent break-ins and drowning, someone should always be on call to deal with alarm emergencies. 

Choose High Quality Staff

Having great lifeguards is crucial to the success of your business. It isn't enough for lifeguards to have the right training; they also need to have a strong commitment to their jobs. This is why it's important to hire for your lifeguard jobs in a way that will find you the right staff. You can talk with a place like Aquatic Management for more information on lifeguards.

Choose lifeguards with experience and maturity, and be sure to train them in-house before they are given the responsibility of protecting your guests. Regular performance evaluations are also key; you can observe your lifeguards at random intervals to make sure that they are doing their jobs well. 

You may also want to vet your lifeguards for practical knowledge of safety procedures. It's easy to forget certain hard skills involved in CPR and first aid responses without practicing them, so give your lifeguards plenty of training sessions throughout the summer to refresh their skills.

A commercial pool can be a great community asset, and the right management strategies will help you to ensure that guests are safe as they swim. Use the tips above to increase your pool's security.