3 Things To Consider When Choosing Which Type Of Above Ground Pool To Install

Posted on: 28 May 2015

This is the time of year when many people are opening their pools and getting ready for their favorite outdoor activity during the hot weather months. Those who do not already have a pool often have them installed at this time of year as well. There are many different sizes and varieties of above ground pools available. However, it is important to give some thought to the style of pool you will install. These are some things to consider when choosing the best type of above ground pool for your family.

How Much Property You Have to Work With

One thing you will want to consider is how much of your own property you will have available for installing the pool. Once an above ground pool is installed and has remained in place for an extended period of time, any grass that had been on the ground usually dies.

If your pool crosses over onto your neighbor's property and kills his grass, this could result in a not-so-friendly reaction from your neighbor. If you are unsure if all of the area the pool will be installed on belongs to you, you may want to have the property surveyed before installing the above ground pool.

Who Will Use the Pool Most

It is also important to think about who will use the pool most frequently. If you have a family that includes both children and adults, most likely all family members will enjoy swimming and playing in the pool. If you have young children that may not be experienced swimmers, you may want to choose a pool that is not terribly deep.

If only adults who are excellent swimmers will spend time in your pool, you can choose a deeper pool if you prefer. However, there also needs to be safer, more shallow areas of the pool in case you have visitors that may need to avoid the deeper area.

How the Pool Will Be Used

Will the pool be used only for recreation, or will it also be a place for practicing swimming laps? If you have an avid swimmer in your family who will want to swim laps, you may want to consider having a wider, more rectangular shaped pool installed.

Do you plan on having frequent pool parties when you will invite several friends and family members over? If this will be a regular part of your spring and summer, it is important that you install a pool big enough for several people at the same time.

Once you have taken all this into consideration, it will be much easier to choose the style and size of above ground pool you will have installed. If you need pool water delivered, contact a company like Renehan's.